14th June 2021

New Risk Committee Member

19th May 2021

Removal of the NRCH-RFI Uniswap Pool

Activation of 2% Buy Side Transactional Tax for NRCH

29th April 2021

Risk Committee Changes

Orange “Go To Market Strategy” Collaboration with Opt1mize

EnreachDAO Stable Coin Distribution — nUSD

Binance Smart Chain Bridge

PancakeSwap Farming and Syrup Pools Staking

National and International Voice traffic powered by Opt1mize CoreX Platform

9th April 2021 EnreachDAO

LEGAL DISCLAIMER; This article reflects the opinions of Kashaf Bashir and a proposal to develop a solution from Kashaf Bashir and Abdelkader Allam. This article does not represent financial or investment advice and it is always recommended to undertake thorough due diligence and research when deploying capital in risk markets.

How We Got Here. What We Are Doing Next.

What we have done so far

Launchpad Contracts

Kashaf Bashir

COO @ Opt1mize / Inventor @ CommSettle / Founder @ EnreachDAO

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